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Meet the team

  • Gerald Connor Director and Portfolio Manager, CIC
    Chairman, CPL and CPWM
  • Gary PerronCFADirector, CIC
    Vice Chairman, CPL and CPWM
  • Charles SimsFCPA, FCADirector, CIC
    President and Chief Executive Officer, CPL and CPWM
  • Craig MillarCFAPresident, Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager, CIC
    Managing Director CPL
  • Greg CassidyBAS, CFAPortfolio Manager, CIC and CPWM
  • Phil D'IorioMBA, CFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
  • Chris DryCIMAssociate Portfolio Manager, CIC
  • Bill HolyMBA, CFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
  • Shirley HomCPA, CMASecretary-Treasurer and Chief Compliance Officer, CIC
  • Sarah HughesCFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
  • Jason IsaacCFA, CAIAPortfolio Manager, CIC
    Managing Director, CPL
  • Peter JacksonHBSc, MBA, CFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
    Chief Investment Officer and Lead Manager, North American Equities, CPWM
    Managing Director, CPL
  • Patrick LauPEng, CFAEquity Analyst, Global Equities
  • Scott LuikCFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
    Head of Client Portfolio Management, CPWM
    Managing Director, CPL
  • Owen MorganMBA, CFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
  • Diane PangCPA, CA, CFAPortfolio Manager, Fixed Income, CIC
  • John PoulterCFAPortfolio Manager, CIC
  • Alexandra von SchroeterMBA, CFA, IDP-C Portfolio Manager, CIC
    Head of Strategic Business, CPWM
    Managing Director, CPL
  • Thomas A. StarkeyCFA Portfolio Manager, CIC
  • Derek VanGenderenCFAAssociate Portfolio Manager, CIC

CIC - Cumberland Investment Counsel Inc.
CPWM – Cumberland Private Wealth Management